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Tired of struggling with a website that doesn't work for you? Or you don't have a website yet and don't know where to start. If that's you, you're in the right place with JAGmedia. Personalized  design that authentically communicates the unique YOU.



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Your Dream Website Awaits

Your Dream Website Awaits! At JAGmedia, the expertise, creativity, and personalized guidance you crave converge in our exclusive JAG 5 Pillars, shaping YOUR ultimate website experience.

Picture this: a fusion of design mastery, technical wizardry, and search engine optimization prowess, all seamlessly integrated into your website, courtesy of the JAGmedia toolkit. But that's not all – as your dedicated Digital Branding Specialist, we'll be your trusted navigator throughout the journey, ensuring every step reflects your vision. No guesswork, no surprises – just the exhilarating anticipation of your website's grand debut!

Ready to turn your dreams into digital reality? The JAG 5 Pillars are Janet's formula for your website success.

The JAG 5 Pillars: Empowering Your Business

Communication JAG 5 Pillar


Communication is key at JAGmedia - from start to finish and continuing long after your website is launched. 

It’s a collaborative process that leads to your indelible stamp on your  future website. You're an individual and your website is uniquely and authentically you!

Unlike other designers who design what they think is right, without  a conversation or listening to clients, that tends to result in an unwelcome surprise when the website launches, communication is part of the flow of projects. That way, there’s no unwelcome surprises. I know, I’ve rescued many clients from that exact scenario.

It’s important to get to know you better, what your goals are, both short term and long-term and to find out more about who you are, what you do and what your company is all about.

Communication is at each stage of your website design. (It’s also the case if I’m creating other visuals for you.)

Communication is key at JAGmedia and that’s one way we differentiate ourselves from other website design companies.

It’s also a great feeling to become friends with clients!


You will most likely have questions and I’m here to answer them for you to help you stay focused along the way.

There are a lot of moving pieces needed for any website. I’ll guide you to focus upon what’s needed and when for a captivating website that you love!

When we get started, you’ll receive a questionnaire that helps to build a framework for your website text and story. My clients have found this to be really helpful, so it’s been integrated into the design process.


 creativity from our collaboration


Creativity is my natural talent combined with my design expertise for the right mix of ingredients for a flavorful and unique website experience.

Your website is  unique and original when JAGmedia creates your website presence.

You're not a number and deserve to have an original design. We don't use templates at JAGmedia.

You will see your website during each stage of development and have opportunities for edits to insure it’s presented in a way that reflects your business and you'll shine in your best light!

Your website will work on Mobile Devices, contain Calls to Action (CTA's), and attract your target audience.


As your Digital Branding Specialist, I remove all the guesswork and am guiding you through the process every step of the way. No, you’re not creating the site- I am, however, both of us need to work together for an amazing website!  Making sure your informed of the process, what’s needed and seeing progress at each step of the way. That way, you know what you’re getting when your website is launched (no unwelcome surprises).

I’ve helped numerous clients over the years who came to me for help after getting an unwelcome surprise when they used another web designer that did not deliver what they wanted or just plain did not deliver. JAGmedia delivers a website that reflecting your brand, where you and your business shine in the spotlight!

 creativity from our collaboration

Tech Relief

Taking care of your tech allows you to deliver your genius headache free. 

I've rescued numerous clients  from designers who held their website hostage and would not give them access or  had a bad hosting setup. 

You have complete access to your account and you own it when it's setup by JAGmedia Website Hosting (extra fee).

Website hosting is critical– think of it as the residence for your site. Your hosting will be the right flavor and setup properly with quality hosting, includes 24-7 Tech  Phone & Chat Support.

Complimentary setup and installation  is offered when  you place your order through JAGmedia Website Hosting. Savings available to JAGmedia Clients ONLY.

Website of YOUR Dreams Package Details:

Platform (How it's Built):
WordPress - The top platform in the world, powering 30% of the internet.
Works on Mobile Devices, Editable, SEO Friendly. Beneficial platform for Search Engine Optimization.

Page Total:
5 Pages with your  content you supply: text, photos, graphics, videos. Website is scaleable to add more pages and features, for an additional investment.

Customized Color Palette and web friendly Fonts, reflecting your brand.

Using the JAG5 Pillars, we will discuss your goals, vision and ideas.  Next, a short  questionnaire designed to help you create a framework for your text. After that, the design of your website starts. Up to 3 concepts will be presented, then you will select one concept for development with up to two rounds of edits.

Social Media:
Links and Feeds added from your  existing social media accounts if desired.

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When You Elevate Your Design, Your Business Flourishes
Custom Website Design Done for You by an Expert with 30 Years Experience 

Sherry Morris-Dufault

Vibrantly Alive | Klamath Falls, OR

"Janet Gervers from JAGmedia is the only designer I completely trusted to create my brand and website, after I realized I couldn't do it myself. I feel more legitimate since my website, logo and other creative elements were created by Janet for my brand.

It’s a perfect fit and my brand is FABULOUS!

I love my website! When people see my website, they say, “It’s you Sherry”."

Laurie Hacking

Step Into More | Los Angeles, CA

"Janet’s work on my website has been superb! She not only listens closely to what I ask her to do, but also makes creative recommendations on how the design and application can be better optimized, which has been hugely helpful.

I’m getting great feedback on the look, feel and messaging of my site with the new changes. Talk with Janet if you’re wanting a positive, collaborative design experience."

April Grossinger

Career Rises | Santa Clarita, CA

"We are working together because you are a talented design artist, and I was impressed by your website work samples, along with your technical capabilities. I also find you straightforward, an attribute I appreciate! The most significant shift for me was finding a way to put what seemed like two unrelated businesses under one website with a unifying theme. While I have always felt that was possible, working with you made it actionable!"

Missy Gibson

MsMissy4You | Los Angeles, CA

"Janet instilled unique confidence and know-how and presented the process in a concise and non-intimidating way. We became fast friends and I felt like she genuinely cared about me and the project as much as I did. The site would still probably not be finished if it weren’t for her!

This goes back to Janet really caring about her clients, as I’m sure she had a million other projects going on. She could have easily just left the ball in my court, but she knew how important it was for me to stay on track and get this thing done, once and for all! Thank you Janet!

Lastly, I want to point out that Janet is not just a designer- she’s a true artist with a unique sensibility and passion for her projects. She brings so much to the table, above and beyond your typical website designer, not to mention her vast years of experience in the ever changing world of technology. Janet is committed to making your business shine."

Lorenda Phillips

The Essential Entrepreneur | Culver City, CA

"Janet just completed my website and I am very pleased. If you are shopping around for a website designer, inspect mine at

She was timely and flexible, creative and hardworking. My site is beautiful, up-to-date, and gives my audience the right message and access to me!

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity."

Dr. Jeffrey Ptak

Ptak Family Chiropractic | Santa Monica, CA

"What can I say about Janet and Jagmedia? Jagmedia took a nearly dead website with minimal online presence and brought it into the 21st century. Together, myself and Jagmedia co-created a website that has life. People visit, schedule appointments, talk to our doctors thru it, watch videos, are educated… the online store is next.

Jagmedia went the extra mile staying connected thru the process, was available and open to comments, tweaked what was needed and guided us thru from concept to creation to presence. I just cannot say enough about Jagmedia, except thank you for being you! Yes I highly recommend Jagmedia."