Using an Email Marketing system to reach your clients, leads and contacts and stay in front of them is a beneficial way to reach out from one to many!

You know how you get emails from stores to business coaches, events etc? Yes, it’s still a relevant method along with social media and blog posts. For entrepreneurs and startup businesses, time is precious and budget is always a factor, that’s why affordable email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact and Get Response are so popular – and they work well.

What are some benefits  of using email marketing tools?

1- Tracking
who opened emails, clicked links, bounces, unsubscribes

2- Personalizing
recipient name easily added (instead of Hi There…)

3- Growing Your List
adding email signup forms to your website and social media allowing you to communicate with a warm audience and make it yours! Import your current email list or add in manually for add a small amount.

4- Looking Professional
what do you think of a company sending bcc emails or showing everyone’s name on the list? It also reinforces your company branding where the recipient recognizes where it’s coming from.

5- Reaching Many
in one fell swoop, scheduling your email to send to your entire list or specific segments of your list

Jagmedia uses all 3 email marketing systems for our clients – depending on what suits them best. We use Mailchimp, which has a real ease of use, allows customization of email templates with access to HTML code for those of us who geek out on code and kick it up a few notches on design plus –  mobile responsive emails (for optimal viewing on mobile). It also has auto-responders when you’re ready (more on that in a future post).

Jagmedia can help your company with email marketing solutions, whether it’s getting setup, customizing templates for a consistent branding image creating auto responders or all of the above. We can help guide you with a solution that works for your business!

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PS – See our Email Marketing Campaigns (above) created with Mailchimp and Constant Contact.



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