Janet Gervers Jagmedia Digital Creative in Venice CaDo you ever feel like you have a blank canvas in front of you?

Does it feel like something is stopping you from your creative flow – whether it’s accomplishing a specific goal or moving in a new direction?

Introducing Creative Flow Coaching!


Special Introductory Pricing – Limited Time Only!

Janet Gervers, Creative Director is experienced in guiding clients for 20+ years with professional challenges and empowering them to take that first brush stroke and complete their “canvas” or defeating “blank page syndrome”.

Whether it’s a website, brochure, logo, etc, often clients face the blank canvas/page and need help with moving forward – whether it’s writing their text (often times entrepreneurs go that route) or gathering all the material needed for a website for example.

Over the years, Janet has been there for clients to give expert guidance and encouragement get in the flow to realize their goals. Now, she’s launched Creative Flow Coaching to empower entrepreneurs and business professionals to get that flow started with their challenges – whether it’s writing text for a website, a resume together for a new career position, or photos needed for an online portfolio. Those are just a few examples of how entrepreneurs can benefit.

What is the format of Creative Flow Coaching?

Individual Coaching is one on one, either in person at Jagmedia’s Culver City office or via Facetime or Skype.  There are 3 one hour sessions every other week, with accountability exercises between sessions, plus 2 twenty minute phone calls and access to a private Facebook page.

Small Group Coaching is for up to 5 people.  There are 3 one hour phone conference sessions every other week, with accountability exercises between sessions, plus 2 twenty minute one on one phone calls for each individual and access to a private Facebook page. In a group setting, brainstorming and new ideas become part of the process that can create a shift in thinking, that leads to doing!

Special Introductory Pricing:
Get int Your Flow in the New Year with Creative Flow Coaching!

Individual Coaching – $397 Now $297

Small Group Coaching – $297 Now $197


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Specializing in WordPress Website Design, Branding, Social Media & SEO.

Expert Guidance

Leading our Clients on the path to achieving their goals every step of the way.

Problem Solving

Design is a process and communication from start to finish is an essential.


Creative Flow Coaching empowering you to breakthrough to results!

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